Different Kinds of Ducks Explained

Whether you are eating duck in a restaurant or preparing it at home, there are several breeds that offer different taste experiences. Knowing about the breeds can help you make the best decision about the duck that’s right for you. Compare the duck breeds available at D’Artagnan below.

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Pekin Duck (or Long Island Duck)

Pekin duck is the most popular duck to eat. Pekin duck meat is known for its mild, satisfying flavor that easily adapts to a number of cuisines. It has lighter flesh and milder flavor than either Moulard or Muscovy duck, and is considered perfect for whole roasting.

Interestingly, nutritional information released by the USDA in 1997 proves that skinless Pekin duck breast is lower in fat and calories than skinless chicken breast. Read more about Pekin duck.

Muscovy Duck

A popular eating duck in Europe, the Muscovy duck (sometimes called Barbarie or Barbary duck) is thin-skinned, low in fat, and has deep red, mildly gamey meat which is sometimes compared to roast beef for its flavor, and veal for its tenderness.

The carcass of a Muscovy duck is heavier than other domestic ducks, and has a larger breast that its Pekin counterpart, with up to 40% less fat than that breed. And while it may appear to cost more per pound than other ducks, Muscovy duck has a higher meat-to-bone ratio, which means you get more meat and less bone for the money. For an in-depth story, read more about Muscovy Duck.

Moulard Duck

Get the best of both worlds with a Moulard duck. This cross between a Muscovy drake and a Pekin hen is a sizable bird with a well-developed breast, and is the preferred duck for foie gras, because of its large size and hearty constitution.

A best-selling duck at D’Artagnan, the Moulard offers dark red meat, a hefty breast and a good layer of fat, which can be removed and rendered into duck fat. This is a great eating duck. Two of our most popular products come from Moulard ducks, our Moulard Duck Magret, Half Breast and our Duck Leg Confit. We also offer fresh Mouldard duck legs and smoked Moulard duck breast.

Rohan™ Duckling

Inspired by the variety of duck breeds available in France, we developed a proprietary hybrid of several breeds including the Heritage Mallard and Pekin. This duck is raised exclusively for D’Artagnan and is called a Rohan™ Duckling.

With a unique taste reminiscent of a heritage-breed duck from France, the juicy, tender, rose-colored meat and mild taste makes are adaptable to practically every duck recipe.

And because it is air-chilled, you get only meat and bone, not water retained during processing. This means that the skin crisps up nicely however it is prepared and the flavor is pure, unadulterated duck.