Our Culinary Craft

With a reputation for providing the highest quality raw meats, poultry, and game, D’Artagnan is also proud to offer an extensive line of prepared products made with the same proteins revered by the most discerning chefs in the nation.

It all begins on small family farms with uncompromising standards for animal care, a focus on sustainability and free-range methods that respect nature.

When you start with the best meat, there’s a responsibility to respect the ingredients. Everything we make, from our uncured bacon and naturally smoked hams, to creamy mousse and coarse pâté, is done as simply as possible. We use natural ingredients and avoid additives, preservatives and chemicals in our entire line of charcuterie and other prepared products.

Our Culinary Craft

There are no shortcuts when you follow traditional recipes that go back generations. We smoke hams and bacon over real wood chips and dry-cure pork in mountain air for years. Our foie gras torchon is slowly poached in a water bath, just as it has been done for ages. Duck meat is braised with aromatics until it breaks apart to make rillettes. Demi-glace is made by reducing bone stock for hours until thick and flavorful.

We use kitchen spices, not unpronounceable chemicals, to flavor our sausages, hams, and dry-cured products. When you taste them, we think you will agree that the old ways are the best, and the extra effort is worth it.

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