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    Porcelet Hindshank

    Porcelet (Milk-Fed Pork)

    Porcelet Hindshank

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Beer Braised Pork Shanks

by D'Artagnan

Braise pork shanks with onions and dark, malty beer for a deeply satisfying dish that celebrates the rich flavor of this lesser-known cut. Milena Perrine, from the blog Craft Beering encourages you to enjoy the fall-off-the-bone tender meat smothered with the gravy-like sauce made from the braising liquid.

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Chicken Drumstick Stock

by D'Artagnan

Chicken stock is one of those ingredients that every kitchen needs, whether used as the base of a soup, stew or braising recipe or added to fortify a pan sauce. No, the boxed stuff is not the same. Make your own with our meaty chicken drumsticks, and find out how easy it is to create an ambrosial, nutrient-dense stock. So delicious it’s suitable for sipping as a nourishing cup of broth.

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