(8) USDA Steak Burgers, 8 oz. Add On image number 0
(8) USDA Steak Burgers, 8 oz. Add On image number 0

(8) USDA Steak Burgers, 8 oz. Add On

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Serve 100% USDA steak burgers that promise to deliver the highest standards in quality and flavor. These 8 oz. individually packaged patties are guaranteed to live up to the Steakhouse Supremeâ„¢ standards. You'll never choose another burger after a Steakhouse Supremeâ„¢ hand-selected USDA meat! Lobster Gram burgers are delivered fresh-frozen.
Add-On Includes:
  • Eight 8 oz. USDA Steak Burgers Add-On.

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Burgers should always be prepared to at least medium-well doneness for optimal food safety according to FDA standards. The juices should run clear, not red or pink. Internal temperatures should be around 160° when measured with a meat thermometer. The following cooking times are approximate and will vary by thickness of the meat and heat variances. Always start with a thawed burger.

Grill: Medium-high hear for 4-5 minutes per side or until done.
Pan fry: Preheat a heavy skillet to medium-high heat. Cook for a total of 8-10 minutes, turning once halfway through.