6-7 oz Maine Lobster Tails & 8 oz Wagyu Beef Flat Iron image number 0
6-7 oz Maine Lobster Tails & 8 oz Wagyu Beef Flat Iron image number 0

6-7 oz Maine Lobster Tails & 8 oz Wagyu Beef Flat Iron

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6-7 oz Maine Lobster Tails & 8 oz Wagyu Beef Flat Irons for 2
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6-7 oz Maine Lobster Tails & 8 oz Wagyu Beef Flat Irons for 4
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Price $130.00
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Dive in to a delectable combination of our succulent Maine lobster tails with our remarkably tender, juicy American Wagyu Beef Flat Iron steaks. American Wagyu Beef is from Wagyu cattle brought here from Japan and raised according to the same strict standards for maximum marbling and flavor. You're certain to savor this memorable surf and turf.
  • 6-7 oz. Maine Lobster Tails Flash Frozen for Freshness
  • 100% Wild-caught Lobster
  • 8 oz. Fresh Frozen American Wagyu Beef Flat Iron steaks
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Preparation and cooking guide
  • Delivered in a Lobster Gram insulated cooler
  • Can be shipped via 2-day or overnight air
Lobster Tail Preparation: Boiling
Our lobster tails are a true delicacy, with flavor that lends itself to a variety of versatile preparation methods. In our opinion, boiling may be the most effective way to get consistently perfect results — just follow these simple instructions for unbeatable quality!

  • Fill a pot with just enough water to cover your lobsters, place lobster tails aside for the moment.
  • Add other seasonings to the water if you like, these are not necessary for cooking, though.
  • Bring the water to a boil and carefully drop in your tails.
  • Once the water returns to a soft boil, reduce the heat.
  • Set your cooking timer to the appropriate time (see below), and simmer uncovered for the specified time.
  • Remove all tails from the water.
  • Pick a tail to test for doneness. Using a knife, cut through the shell into the thickest part of the tail meat.
    The meat of a fully-cooked lobster tail is white with no sign of a translucent, grayish color. If you detect any
    translucency, or the roe (eggs) still appears black and shiny, put the tails back in the water for one-minute
    intervals until done. Err on the side of undercooking, you can always cook a bit longer to ensure perfect results.
    Boil tails for 4 minutes.

    For more cooking options, visit our online cooking guide!

  • Rub the uncooked steaks with olive oil, a fresh-cut garlic clove, and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  • Get the fire of your choice started, letting it burn until it reaches high heat.
  • Place your steaks on the grill. If one is being cooked well done, wait a minute or two before placing the others on the grill so that they will all be ready to serve at the same time.
  • Let the steaks cook on one side for about 2 minutes. Then use your tongs to turn them over. This helps sear in the juices of the meat to make them juicier and more flavorful.
  • Cook steaks according to the chart below.
  • Using a meat thermometer, remove your steaks when they reach 5-10 degrees below the recommended temperature in the chart.
  • Place them on a serving dish and cover loosely with foil for 5-10 minutes. Their temperature will actually continue to rise while resting, and their flavorful juices will lock themselves inside, right where you want them.

  • The times in this chart are general estimates of how long it will take to cook your steaks. Remember, these times will vary depending on your cooking method, grill temperature, wind, and atmosphere, so be sure to check your steaks regularly.
    Cooking Chart