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Bloody Mary Bar

Price $125.00
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Bloody Mary Bar
Price $125.00
Price $125.00
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Everything you need (except your favorite vodka) to create the perfect Bloody Mary, and then some! Our Bloody Mary Bar comes with an impressive assortment of gourmet ingredients and garnishes to please any palate, including our famous Jumbo Cooked Shrimp. A truly wonderful surprise for your guests and Bloody Mary aficionados. Make up to 16 Bloody Mary's.
Bloody Mary Bar Includes:
  • 1 lb. Jumbo Cooked Shrimp
  • Spicy Bloody Mary Mix (32 oz.)
  • Bloody Mary Mix (32 oz.)
  • Full Belly Belly Beans (16 oz.)
  • Forward Provisions Pickled Carrots & Habanero (12 oz.)
  • Suckerpunch Spicy Garlic Pickles (24 oz.)
  • Nueske's Beef Summer Sausage (10 oz.)
  • Aceitunas Losada Pitted Gordal Olives (12 oz.)
  • Matiz Piparras (6.4 oz.)
  • Mama Lil's Pickled Asparagus (26.5 oz.)
  • Lillis's Q Carolina Dirt Rub (3 oz.)
  • The Brinery Sriracha (8 oz.)
  • 4 oz. Bloody Mary Mix
  • 2 oz. vodka
  • Carolina Dirt Rub

    Pour 2 tablespoons of Carolina Dirt Rub in a shallow bowl. Lightly moisten the rim of each glass with water & then dip the rims in the rub.

    Fill each glass with ice, and add Bloody Mary Mix and vodka, stir, and then garnish to your heart’s content!