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Wild Scottish Hare


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A world away from rabbit, our wild Scottish hare has dark and lean red meat that can only be described as gamey. Flown across the pond during the hunting season, our hare comes from preserves in Great Britain.

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Additional Information

For the dedicated game meat aficionado, there is nothing like wild hare. And our Scottish brown hare is the genuine article. The hare live truly wild, and eat a diet of heather and foraged grasses.

Unlike the mildly-flavored pink meat of the rabbit, the flesh of wild hare is dark, red and robust. For those seeking the rich taste of game meat there is no substitute.

Hare is often paired with strong flavors like dried fruits, bold wines and wild mushrooms. The most elaborate and legendary of hare dishes is surely Lièvre à la Royale.

Equally classic and elaborate, the peasant alternative would be jugged hare. If you want to be fancy, call it civet of hare.

Just the facts

  • D'Artagnan Scottish Game is truly wild, never farm-raised
  • Product of Scotland
  • Subject to availability from mid-September to February (Sometimes hunters miss!)
  • Game meat may occasionally contain the shot, so chew carefully
  • Sold in an uncooked state
  • Product of Great Britain
  • For best taste on fresh products, use or freeze within 3-5 days of receipt; for frozen products, use within 1-2 days after thawing

Our wild Scottish brown hare is procured at private weekend estate hunts organized exclusively for D'Artagnan during the season.

The wild hares live on game preserves and great estates in Scotland, where they forage in the moors and forests. A diet of heather and grasses contributes to the distinctive flavor of their meat.

After the hunt, the hares are immediately processed in a facility supervised by European Economic Community Inspectors. The EEC inspection satisfies the USDA laws, so we are able to offer hare despite the prohibition on selling hunted game in the United States. Packaged and sent by air to arrive at our warehouse within just two days of the hunt, this is the freshest possible game you will find (unless you hunt it yourself).

Our wild hare is available in the fall and winter months only, and many game meat aficionados wait with increasing excitement for hunting season to begin. We do have to warn you to watch for shot when preparing and eating wild game.

Our Wild Scottish Hare

We are the original source in the United States for truly wild hare, which we procure fresh from game preserves and great estates in Scotland during hunting season. Traces of the heather moorlands can be tasted in the deep red meat of the wild hare, for an eating experience that is truly unique and quite unlike that of rabbit.

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