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Here's a spicy kick in the taste buds. Our wonderful, Cajun-inspired tasso ham brings the heat and smoke to gumbos, soups, beans, pasta and stews.


Just the facts

  • Humanely-raised pork
  • Hand-crafted pork shoulder
  • Flavored with a signature mix of herbs and spices
  • Fully cured (contains nitrites)
  • Ready-to-use, no cooking needed
  • Shelf life of up to 30 days
  • Gluten-free
  • Product of USA
  • For best taste, use within 3-5 days of receipt and/or by the expiration date on the package

We like ham anyway we can get it. That’s why we are proud to offer a Cajun-style tasso ham that is spicy, smoky and superb.

A moment for the technicalities: while it’s generally called tasso ham, even in Louisiana, tasso is not actually ham because it is made from pork shoulder, and not the hind leg of a hog.

Nevertheless, with a meaty pork shoulder, zesty spices and hardwood chips, you’ve got the recipe for something special. Cured for only a short time, this fully-cooked ham is a treat for the taste buds.

In Bayou cuisine, tasso is typically used to season dishes like soups, gumbo, grits, rice and gravies. And that’s how we like to eat it. But any recipe that needs a rich peppery kick or additional depth of flavor can benefit from tasso ham.

Cooking & Serving

Dice tasso and throw it into split-pea soup an hour before it finishes cooking for added heat and depth of flavor. Sauté giant shrimp and andouille sausage with white wine, butter and diced tasso ham and serve over grits or polenta for an easy weeknight dinner.

Really, almost any dish that typically uses ham gets a spicy kick from tasso ham. Try it chopped small and added to a potato bake or use as a topping on pizza. Stir into braised greens like collards, chard or kale.

Its hefty shelf life—our ham stays usable for up to 30 days—means you can wait for inspiration to strike. This is a great pantry staple for the busy home cook.


pork shoulder coated with: white, black and red peppers, dried garlic, brown sugar, cumin, dried onion, paprika, thyme. Cured with water, salt, brown sugar, sodium nitrite (preservatives required by law for any product labeled "cured")

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