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Savory Dessert Ideas

It’s no secret; we love to eat savory foods, but we make time to enjoy the sweeter treats in life. Here are some fun ideas for desserts using D'Artagnan products.

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Hanukkah Celebration: Part 1

You’ve heard the Adam Sandler songs and the rumors about eight nights of gifts. Here is the Hanukkah primer you always wanted, from the history of the holiday to the best fat for frying potato latkes.

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Gourmet Dinner Ideas

Creating a delicious dinner with D’Artagnan products is easy, and the possibilities are endless. Try a one-pot meal or a composed plate of meat and flavorful sides.

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Gourmet Wings Ideas

There's nothing like tucking into a juicy, savory wing using only your hands and teeth. Chicken, turkey, duck, poussin, quail - we adore them all!

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Cooking with Quail Eggs

Beautiful on the outside and delicious on the inside, these diminutive eggs are perfectly sized for canapés, appetizers and garnishes. But quail eggs have a multitude of tasty uses.

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Truffle Butter Shortbread

by D'Artagnan

Black truffle butter, parmesan cheese, and a little flour combine to make addictively crisp and tasty shortbread with this easy recipe. These are great with charcuterie boards, cheese plates, topped with your favorite condiments, or as a nibble on their own. During the holidays, keep a chilled log of dough in the fridge and bake off right before guests arrive.

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Truffle Butter Burger Buns

by D'Artagnan

You’re a burger freak. You buy the best meat, you carefully choose your toppings, you’ve perfected your favorite cooking technique; why not make your own buns?! These buttery buns are dense, rich, and ever so subtly scented with black truffle. But the best part? They’re super easy to make.

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Black Truffle Mac & Cheese

by Dave Martin

Chef Dave Martin made this ultra-creamy, over-the-top macaroni and cheese famous when he appeared as a contestant on season one of the television cooking competition Top Chef.

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Truffled Chicken & Egg

by Ed Brown

Chef Ed Brown's silky poached chicken breast is napped with a velvety, truffle studded sauce. Served alongside hearty polenta enriched with foie gras butter and the perfect poached egg, the real question isn't "Which came first?" but "Which to eat first?"

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Black Truffle Butter Biscuits

by D'Artagnan

These quick & easy biscuits add a little luxury to your brunch game. They make great breakfast sandwiches with scrambled eggs and our heritage ham, are delicious smothered in sausage gravy, or eaten on their own warm from the oven.

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Black Truffle Garlic Mashed Potatoes

by D'Artagnan

This recipe is inspired by the classic Joël Robuchon mashed potato recipe which calls for equal parts potato and butter. Garlic cloves slow-cooked in duck fat are added, along with a generous amount of black truffle butter for intensely earthy and rich potatoes.

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Roast Turkey with Black Truffle Butter

by Ariane Daguin

Ariane carefully separates the skin from a D'Artagnan organic turkey and covers the meaty turkey breast with discs of creamy black truffle butter, which slowly melt into the meat as the turkey roasts. This technique adds flavor and helps keep the breasts juicy.

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