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Gourmet Dinner Ideas

Creating a delicious dinner with D’Artagnan products is easy, and the possibilities are endless. Try a one-pot meal or a composed plate of meat and flavorful sides.

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Gourmet Wings Ideas

There's nothing like tucking into a juicy, savory wing using only your hands and teeth. Chicken, turkey, duck, poussin, quail - we adore them all!

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Cooking with Quail Eggs

Beautiful on the outside and delicious on the inside, these diminutive eggs are perfectly sized for canapés, appetizers and garnishes. But quail eggs have a multitude of tasty uses.

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Bread Stuffing Basics & Tips

Bread stuffing cooked inside the bird imparts flavor and moisture to the meat, while the natural juices from the meat return the favor. Get ideas, tips and tricks for delicious holiday stuffing here.

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