Organic Velvet Pioppini Mushrooms


Organic Velvet Pioppini Mushrooms


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Fresh Velvet Pioppini mushrooms, organically cultivated in pristine conditions. Velvet Pioppini is also known as black poplar and has long pale stems with a firm texture, and dark brown, soft, velvety caps. This intensely-flavored mushroom is sturdy and well suited to stir-fries, sauces, and even stews.


  • Cultivated mushrooms
  • Certified organic
  • Available all year
  • Allergen: Contains mushrooms
  • Product of the USA
  • For best taste, store in the refrigerator and use or freeze within 3-5 days of receipt

Cooking & Serving

Cooking Methods: Sauté, Pan-Roast, Roast, Stew, Braise, Poach, cook en Papiotte

Cooking Tips: After opening, store any unused mushrooms in the box they came in or in a brown paper bag. Keeping the mushrooms in clusters will keep them fresher longer. Washing our cultivated mushrooms is not necessary and will change the texture. Simply trim the very bottoms and they are ready for use in your favorite recipes. Velvet Pioppini Mushroomsare right at home next to roast meats, game and game birds and in richer sauces with red wine or truffles.

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