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Moulard Duck Legs image number 0

Moulard Duck Legs

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fresh: 4 Legs (3.0 - 4.0 lbs avg)
Price $60.99
frozen: 4 Legs (3.0 - 4.0 lbs avg)
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Price $60.99
Frozen products may thaw in transit
Moulard duck raised cage-free, in open barns, on a vegetarian grain diet, with no added antibiotics or growth hormones. Our small farm follows traditional methods, with an emphasis on a stress-free environment and plenty of space to allow natural flocking behavior. This hybrid breed, known for its rich red meat, gives us the hearty magret, or duck breast, and the ample legs that become delicious duck confit.
  • From a New York State farm
  • Pure vegetarian diet of corn and soy
  • No antibiotics, no hormones
  • 4 duck legs, serves 4
  • Average weight: 14 oz each
  • Sold in an uncooked state
  • Product of USA
  • For best taste on fresh products, use or freeze within 3-5 days of receipt; for frozen products, use within 1-2 days after thawing
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Cooking Methods: Confit, Braise, Stew, Roast, Barbecue

Cooking Tips: Duck legs should be cooked slow and low for best results. Often braised, roasted, or a combination of the two, duck legs can also be cooked confit or sous vide then finished on the grill. Cooked then shredded duck leg meat makes a wonderful addition to soups, salads, pasta, grain dishes.

We work with New York State and Canadian duck farms to provide us with Moulard duck.

Our Moulard ducks are raised in open-air barns, on a bedding of wood shavings with plenty of space and sunlight, and environment that allows natural flocking behavior. The ducks eat a vegetarian diet of corn, soy and fresh, clean water.

The duck farms do their own hand processing in certified and inspected plants and use air-chilling to ensure the best flavor and the least amount of water retention.