Heritage Turkey (Narragansett, Bourbon Red)


Heritage Turkey (Narragansett, Bourbon Red)


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A heritage turkey is the perfect choice for a truly traditional holiday. Our heritage turkeys are raised free-range on small farms, where they are allowed to grow slowly, developing more flavor than the average bird. These original Narragansett and Bourbon Red breeds - not hybrids – don’t get as large as conventional birds, but make up for it with heavy breasts, dark, rich meat, and authentic turkey flavor. Air-chilled and hand-processed, these heritage turkeys offer extra crispy skin when roasted for a truly show-stopping centerpiece to your meal.

*Servings based on 1.5 pounds per person.


  • 100% natural, farm-raised heritage turkey
  • Slow-growing Narragansett and Bourbon Red breeds
  • Grain feed of non-GMO corn and soy
  • No antibiotics or hormones
  • Free-range; turkeys forage outdoors and have the ability to fly
  • Air chilled for best flavor and no retained water
  • Hand processed
  • Giblets included
  • Ships in an uncooked state
  • Product of USA
  • Note: There may be small pinfeathers in the flesh, which are easily removed with needlenose pliers, tweezers, or your fingers

Cooking & Serving

For basic cooking instructions, Download our Turkey Cooking Guide.

Ordering your Thanksgiving turkey: We highly recommend you plan ahead and pre-order your holiday bird as early as possible, as we often sell out.

Cooking your D'Artagnan turkey: Keep in mind that depending on several factors, including: size of bird, oven calibration, type of cookware used, recipe variations, and method of cooking, time and temperature will vary. We recommend use of a meat thermometer, instant-read or digital, when gauging doneness. Click here for Turkey Roasting Basics.

How to order the right size turkey: We recommend that you estimate 1-1.25 pounds per person to determine the size of turkey you will need. (For example, an 8-10 pound turkey will yield 6-8 servings). If you would like to have leftovers, then plan on at least 1.5 pounds per person.


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