Guinea Hen Legs


Guinea Hen Legs


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    Frozen / 10 Legs (8 oz avg each)

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A tasty alternative to chicken that's perfect for roasting, braising or confit, our guinea hen legs are also superb when marinated and grilled.

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Additional Information

Guinea hen is like chicken, only better. It’s darker, leaner and slightly gamey. In a good way. Its taste is often described as a little bit chicken, a little bit pheasant.

In anticipation of your question, we offer the following suggestions on what to do with a pile of guinea hen legs:

You can confit them in duck fat. Or marinate and then grill for a backyard dinner. Wrap each leg in bacon and roast (it's called barding). Or simply braise in aromatic liquid. Invite some friends over to share and enjoy.

Just the facts

  • Farm raised; humanely and free-range
  • Heritage breed birds from France
  • All-vegetarian diet of corn, soy, wheat, alfalfa
  • No antibiotics, no hormones, ever
  • Air-chilled for 24 hours
  • 10 legs per package
  • Sold in an uncooked state
  • Product of USA
  • For best taste on fresh products, use or freeze within 3-5 days of receipt; for frozen products, use within 1-2 days after thawing

Guinea hen, also called guinea fowl, is not well known in the U.S., but is commonly eaten in Europe. In France it is so popular, and roasted with such frequently that it’s often referred to as the “Sunday bird.”

D’Artagnan guinea hens are humanely and naturally-raised on a small poultry farm in California. The farmers obtained the highest grade French breeding stock to establish their flock nearly 30 years ago. And they continue the proud tradition of quality here in the United States.

The cage-free guinea fowl feed on corn, soy and wheat alfalfa and no antibiotics or hormones are ever used.

From breeding to processing, the farm is dedicated to producing birds of distinction. To that end, the birds are air-chilled in processing, a technique that helps preserve the texture and flavor of the meat, and does not trap unwanted water in the skin.

Our Guinea Hen

Sunny Central California offers Mediterranean conditions, which are ideal for farming guinea fowl. Our small-scale poultry farm raises the birds humanely, without antibiotics or hormones, using traditional methods to bring the very best guinea hens to market.

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