Garlic Confit

Ariane Daguin | Yield: 3 heads | Cook Time: 45 minutes
D’Artagnan founder Ariane Daguin shares her super simple recipe for garlic confit, an ingredient that she says is always in her refrigerator, preserved in duck fat.
Ariane Daguin's Garlic Confit Recipe | D'Artagnan


  • 2 containers Duck Fat
  • 3 whole heads garlic, cloves seperated and peeled


  1. Melt the duck fat slowly in a small saucepot over medium-low heat. Add garlic cloves and turn heat to the lowest possible flame. Cook garlic until the cloves float and are very soft.
  2. Pour the melted duck fat through a fine-mesh strainer to catch the whole cloves. Place the garlic into a jar with a tight-fitting lid and strain the duck fat into the jar through a layer of cheesecloth to catch any burned bits of garlic.