Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms


Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms


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    The chanterelle is among the most highly-prized wild mushrooms in the world. When you cannot get them fresh, our dried chanterelles will add earthy, nutty flavor and meaty texture to your dishes.

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    The chanterelle mushroom (Cantharellus cibarius) is known as girolle in French. With its wide growing range, we are able to follow chanterelle season around the world. But eventually the season for these beautiful funnel-shaped fungi comes to an end.

    With delicately furled edges, long stems and a rusty-orange hue, the chanterelle is a unique and beautiful mushroom. Their earthy, nutty flavor holds subtle hints of peppery spice and sweet aroma, reminiscent of stone fruits.

    Fresh chanterelles have a short season, so they are hard to catch. Our dried chanterelles, on the other hand, are available year-round. Take full advantage.

    Just the facts

    • Wild foraged mushrooms
    • Naturally dried, cleaned and sorted
    • Allergen: Contains mushrooms
    • 2-year shelf life
    • Store in a cool, dry place
    • Product of France

    We follow wild mushrooms around the world and forage for the finest quality in the woods, fields and mountains where they grow. While they are available, we sell most of them fresh, but also preserve some of nature’s bounty. Dried naturally and carefully packed in France, our mushrooms offer the flavor of the forest year-round.

    We think that a pantry is not complete without a few jars of dried mushrooms, ready for when inspiration strikes.

    Use these dried mushrooms in recipes just as you would the fresh version. Just reconstitute them first in warm water, enough to cover, until they rehydrate and plump. Strain and reserve the “mushroom liquor” to use in sauces, soups, pasta or sautés.

    Most of this mushroom’s flavor compounds are fat soluble so it is especially delicious in creamy preparations; the dried chanterelle’s toothy texture holds up well, even during long, slow cooking.

    Serve them gently-stewed with cream for an elegant side dish or simply sauté with truffle butter.

    Our Dried Mushrooms

    Preserved mushrooms extend the limited seasonality of our favorite wild mushrooms. Plucked at the height of freshness and naturally air-dried without the addition of chemicals, our dried mushrooms offer big flavor in small packages. They are the next best thing to fresh, and a must-have in every pantry.

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