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Cassoulet Recipe Kit

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Cassoulet is a traditional, thick bean and meat stew from Southwest France, where it takes on almost religious importance. Every town has a variation of the recipe, and each believes their interpretation is the only true cassoulet. We offer an easy-to-follow recipe kit that will make you an expert in no time (and a believer in the superiority of our version). Iconic cassoulet makes a hearty meal that is perfect for sharing with friends along with a bottle (or two) of robust red wine. 

From the creamy-white heirloom Haricot Tarbais beans to the duck leg confit, you'll have what you need to create a feast fit for a holiday or any special occasion meal. With or without the clay bowl, our cassoulet kit makes a marvelous gift for those who love to cook because cassoulet is more than a meal - it’s an experience.

If it's your first time making cassoulet, be sure to check the cooking tips before you begin. While cassoulet is simple to make it takes time and involves many steps.

Note: The clay cassoulet bowl is microwave and oven-safe, dishwasher-friendly, and suitable for refrigerator and freezer use. To prevent shock that might damage it, allow the bowl to reach room temperature before transitioning between hot and cold. Do not place the bowl over an open flame, including gas stoves.

Download the Cassoulet Recipe for 4

Download the Cassoulet Recipe for 12

Cooking Tips:

  • Any vessel for cooking cassoulet must be able to go from stovetop to oven safely. Our clay bowl is for oven use only. It should never be placed over an open flame on the stovetop.
  • If using a pot or Dutch oven be sure it is 8-9 quarts to accommodate the large cassoulet recipe kit and 3-4 quarts for the small kit.
  • While our recipe recommends cutting each duck leg confit in half at the joint, you can also shred the duck meat off the bones if you prefer. This can be helpful if you’re serving a very large crowd. Additional meats, like sausage or our chicken confit can be added.
  • Don’t hesitate to cut open the crust to check if the casserole is drying out too much inside. The texture should be that of a thick stew. If the texture seems too dry or pasty, add some liquid, such as stock or demi-glace. Cassoulet is quite filling, so is often served with a refreshing salad, a slice of rustic bread to mop out the bowl, and a hearty red wine like Madiran or Malbec.
  • For basic cooking instructions, follow our online cassoulet recipe.

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