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NOVICE … EXPERIENCED … EXPERT … what kind of cook are you?

NOVICE … Every Cook Starts Here.... read more Don't fret! If this is your first time preparing a Thanksgiving dinner, we've got you covered. Our basic roast turkey recipe will yield a juicy bird every time and you can add flare with your favorite spices and herbs. With crispy duck fat potatoes alongside lemony green beans, you’ll be ready to feast!

Simple Roast Turkey

Let's Get Roasting

Lemon Green Beans with Bacon

Side Me Up

Crunchy Duck Fat Potatoes

Sounds Ducky, I'm In

EXPERIENCED COOK? … Let's Elevate Your Style

Are you ready to elevate your game and surprise the family? Try our stuffed turkey that’s enriched with Bourbon and roasted on four sides. Ordinary mashed potatoes are made elegant with truffle butter – and truffle shavings, if you are inclined. For an extra-special side, Brussels sprouts are braised in cider until tender and accented with smoky bacon. ... read more Ooh la la!

Roasted Turkey with
Bourbon & Pecan

Let's Get Roasting

Truffled-Butter & Garlic
Mashed Potatoes

Side Me Up

Bacon and Apple-Braised
Brussel Sprouts

Show Me the Brussels

EXPERT COOK? … Get Ready to Kick It Up a Notch

You've been honing your skills for months and Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to serve up a show-stopper. Our turkey recipe follows a traditional process from Bresse, the French capital of poultry, which ensures juicy meat and a crackling brown skin. This is a two-day event: first poach the bird, and then roast it briefly on Thanksgiving. ... read more What could be better than foie gras cream puffs and brioche stuffing with a bird this glorious?

Foie Gras
Cream Puffs

I'm a Choux In

Poached & Roasted Turkey
Bresse Style

Ready Poach & Roast

Brioche Stuffing with
Duck Sausage & Pears

Style the Stuffing


Thanksgiving needn't be stressful. D'Artagnan has you covered, from choosing the best turkey, with roasting tips and the pros and cons of stuffing the bird. Even if you’re looking for a turkey alternative, we’ve got recommendations for a worthy main dish. ... read more We'll help you navigate through it all with ease.

Turkey: The Main Event

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Beyond Turkey: Alternative Mains

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Bread and Stuffing Techniques

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