Meat & Game

D'Artagnan offers a wide selection of meat and game, all raised without antibiotics or hormones, in stress-free environments with lots of space. Whether you are looking for prized Wagyu beef, lean grass-fed beef, popular grain-finished Angus beef, or premium A5 Japanese Wagyu beef, we have an option for you. Our milk-fed, exclusive French veal is humanely-raised veal from small-scale farms dedicated to the best practices. Their innovative methods produce milk-fed veal that is tender, pale pink, delicate in texture and always delicious. Explore our veal recipes and find a new favorite dish.

When it comes to lean red meats, both our buffalo and venison are raised on vast pastures in nearly-wild conditions for the tastiest results. We also offer a selection of lamb, both grass-fed lamb and grain-finished lamb. We take pride in our pork selections, from our Berkshire breed pork, raised on pasture in natural conditions to our exclusive porcelet: milk-fed piglets raised in the European tradition. If you are looking for a whole roasting pig for a special meal, we have that too. Explore our pork and porcelet recipes for cooking inspirations.For those that love pork, wild boar is the next level of eating pleasure.Try our truly wild boar, cage-trapped in Texas, for the easiest way to eat like you hunted it yourself.

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