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The season is just beginning. So what’s on your grilling bucket list? Go beyond burgers and brats with our top protein picks for the grates and challenge yourself to shake things up in the backyard.

If you love grilling steaks, take it to the next level.

...What’s better than beef? Juicy cuts of Wagyu! Or, plan to impress with your grill skills when you go lean with venison or bison. Tamer - but no less tasty - tender lamb is always a thrill on the grill. read more

Perfect Poultry for the Grill

Yes, you can grill more than chicken breast! Try your hand at grilling duck breast just like a steak. Or go for lean, semi-boneless quail that’s lickety-split done in minutes with a crunchy finish. Chicken cuts like thighs and drums make for lip-smacking finger food everyone will love. ... read more

Extra Flavor, Extra Fun

These add-ons will be your best friends when grilling. Let heavenly truffle butter melt into steak juices, add earthy flavor with grilled mushrooms on the side, and drizzle deep terroir with fine French olive oil for sauces, dressings and finishing. ... read more


Explore Our Grilling Recipe Collection

Get inspired for outdoor cooking season with some new backyard show stoppers! ... read more Try our recipes for grilled chicken, duck, beef, mushrooms and more …