Artisanal Dry-Cured Saucisson Sec, Pork


Artisanal Dry-Cured Saucisson Sec, Pork


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Our answer to salami -- the saucisson sec -- is handmade using a classic recipe. With a satisfying toothsome texture, it's a perfect addition to any charcuterie plate or picnic spread.

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Just the facts

  • Artisanal quality sausage
  • Pork is antibiotic and hormone free
  • Long curing time for deep flavor
  • Shelf-stable
  • Gluten-free
  • No nitrates or nitrites added
  • Contains pork
  • Product of USA
  • For best taste, use within 3-5 days of receipt and/or by the expiration date on the package

Our authentic, cured pork saucisson sec can be described as the French version of salami. With its meaty texture and delightful flavor, it’s a must for any charcuterie board.

Saucisson sec is also an excellent accompaniment to a cheese plate. Add red wine and you’ve got an instant party.

Here’s our little trick for a simple and smashing hors d’oeuvre: serve thin slices of saucisson sec on top of a generous smear of our black truffle butter. This is such a delicious combination that it scarcely matters what bread you use, though we like it best on sliced baguette.

You’ll find saucisson sec a welcome addition to your life, from quick snacks to dinner parties and picnics.

Cooking & Serving

Saucisson sec matches beautifully with other cured or smoked meats on a charcuterie board, and is wonderful with a selection of cheeses.

But saucisson sec is not just for hors d’ouevre. It also adds flavor to salads, tartines, pastas and pizzas. It’s a perfect snack to have on hand any time of the year.

Slice it thin at an angle with a chef’s knife. /p>


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