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Angus Beef Steak Lover's Gift Box


Angus Beef Steak Lover's Gift Box


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    12 steaks in total, 4 each of three of our most popular steak cuts. All-natural Angus beef steaks. Pasture-raised on a 100% vegetarian diet in humane conditions, without any antibiotics or hormones. Great for friends, family and foodies, this gift is conveniently packaged in a vibrant D'Artagnan gift box along with a brochure explaining each of the steaks and offering cooking/serving tips.

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    There’s an old saying: “Twelve steaks are better than one.”

    And when those twelve steaks are our ribeyes, filets mignons and NY strip steaks, well, you know that saying is true.

    This package offers marbled steaks, lean steaks, large steaks, small steaks. It’s basically a sampler of the textures and tastes available in the world of steak.

    The ultimate collection of beef can now be yours – or a generous gift to the food lover in your life.

    Because nothing puts a smile on a carnivore’s face like a box of premium steak.

    Just the facts

    • Includes: 4 Boneless Ribeyes (16oz avg each); 4 Filets Mignons (6oz each); 4 NY Strip Steaks (12oz avg each); and Angus Steaks Brochure
    • 100% natural beef from Angus cattle
    • No growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics
    • Raised on pasture
    • 100% vegetarian diet of barley, corn and hay
    • Equivalent to Choice-Plus graded beef
    • Wet aged a minimum of 21 days
    • Ships in an uncooked state
    • Product of USA
    • For best taste on fresh products, use or freeze within 3-5 days of receipt; for frozen products, use within 1-2 days after thawing

    Download the Angus Steaks Brochure

    Just imagine if you could raise a steer from birth on the grass in your own back yard, and then feed it locally-grown alfalfa hay, barley and corn for a few months. You could guarantee it never got any animal by-products in the feed, nor any hormones or antibiotics. Well, that’s exactly what our ranchers do –but in a 10,000-acre backyard in the Northwest.

    This group of conscientious cattle ranchers formed a cooperative to focus on humane care for the animals, and the highest quality finished product.

    Their Black Angus cattle range over pasture land for most of their lives, and are then rounded up and fed a supplement of alfalfa hay, barley and corn for a few months in a spacious, dry, low-stress feeding facility, before processing (usually at about 2 years of age). The 100% vegetarian feed is supplemented with vitamin E and A which helps strengthen natural immunities.

    To the ranchers, humane treatment is of paramount importance, so every care is taken, even in transporting the cattle short distances. They know exactly where each animal comes from, and can track them from birth to processing, all of which takes place in the great Northwest. Each animal comes with an affidavit that proves that the rancher followed the strict natural protocols of the cooperative.

    Filet Mignon

    • Ultra-lean, finely-grained meat from the center of the tenderloin
    • Buttery texture offering pure beef flavor
    • Best seared or pan-roasted to rare or medium-rare
    • Try wrapping with a thin strip of smoked bacon before cooking
    • Baste with black truffle butter for added flavor
    • Make a sauce from pan-drippings by adding a splash of your favorite red wine and a tablespoon of unsalted butter to the pan.

    Boneless Striploin Steak (NY Strip Steak)

    • A firm, meaty, steak cut from the short loin
    • Abundant marbling gives exceptional flavor
    • Best grilled, seared, pan-roasted, or broiled to medium-rare
    • Serve with a creamy sauce, such as garlic-herb or Béarnaise

    Boneless Ribeye Steak

    • All of the taste and tenderness of a traditional bone-in ribeye steak without the bone
    • Best grilled, broiled, or pan-seared to medium-rare or medium
    • Tightly tie butcher’s string around the circumference of the steak to compact its shape and ensure even cooking
    • Season with dried porcini mushroom powder before cooking to bring out rich umami flavor
    • When fresh herbs are in abundance, serve grilled steaks with a bright chimichurri sauce
    our beef

    Our marbled and flavorful beef comes from Angus cattle raised exclusively for D’Artagnan by a cooperative of ranchers committed to strict protocols of humane animal husbandry. No antibiotics, hormones or steroids are ever used, which means the cattle take a little longer to come to market, but that’s fine with us. A stress-free lifestyle produces tasty results.