Angus Beef Hanger Steak


Angus Beef Hanger Steak


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All-natural Angus beef hanger steak. The cattle are pasture-raised on a 100% vegetarian diet in humane conditions, without any antibiotics or hormones.


Just the facts

  • 100% natural beef from Angus cattle
  • No growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics
  • Raised on pasture
  • 100% vegetarian diet of barley, corn and hay
  • Equivalent to Choice-Plus graded beef
  • Wet aged a minimum of 21 days
  • Ships in an uncooked state
  • Product of USA
  • For best taste on fresh products, use or freeze within 3-5 days of receipt; for frozen products, use within 1-2 days after thawing

This cut is sometimes called “butcher’s steak” because the butcher usually brings it home, and the customers never see it.

It is tender, flavorful and more affordable than other beef cuts. It's a winner in every respect. Popular around the world, the hanger steak is easy to cook and quite versatile; just a quick sear in a hot pan is all it needs.

Please note: this cut demands a little attention in the way of trimming the fat. But it rewards with tender texture and intense beefy flavor. Truth be told, the hanger steak is a staff favorite for a quick lunch at the D'Artagnan office.

Cooking & Serving

Trim the fat off, and use your favorite marinade; then sear it quickly in a hot pan until medium rare. Serve with pan juices and duck fat french fries, or cut into strips to top a salad, rice dish or fill fajitas or tacos.

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