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Veal Sweetbreads


Veal Sweetbreads




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    A classic delicacy; velvety, fine-grained sweetbreads are easier to prepare than you might think. Just sauté and serve with a pan sauce.

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    Additional Information

    Veal sweetbreads (that is, thymus glands) are popping up at hip restaurants dedicated to the nose-to-tail philosophy across the country. But this particular bit of tasty offal has been enjoyed by connoisseurs throughout history.

    Sweetbreads are the ultimate in offal. Chefs prize them for their mild flavor and tender, creamy texture.

    They are also incredibly versatile. They can be enjoyed many ways: fried, sautéed, poached, grilled, roasted or braised.

    Often supporting stars in pâtés, terrines, sausages, cold appetizers, stews and salads, sweetbreads are stepping out into the spotlight.

    Just the facts

    • Humanely raised in a stress-free environment
    • Never caged or penned
    • Male Holstein stock, raised to a maximum of 425 pounds
    • Diet of high-quality natural milk protein product, pure spring water
    • No antibiotics, no hormones, ever
    • Never irradiated or injected with any substance
    • Sold in an uncooked state
    • 1 lb package
    • Product of USA & Canada
    • Use within 3-5 days of receipt

    Like everything else at D’Artagnan, our veal is raised humanely to produce the best flavor. We work with a cooperative of small farms in upstate New York and Canada that raise Holstein calves on milk formula alone. The calves are never individually caged or penned.

    Instead, they are raised in group housing, in open spaces with clean straw bedding, free to socialize with other calves in a sunlit, comfortable environment.

    These unique veal barns have been lauded by Dr. Temple Grandin, an expert on humane animal husbandry. The barns are temperature controlled, with ample air circulation and plenty of space for free movement; the calves have access to the outdoors when weather permits. The farmers strive to minimize stress on the calves, and limit the number of calves per barn.

    The feed consists only of a high-quality milk protein product and pure well water, to which the calves are allowed 24-hour access, via a highly technical nipple feeding system. They are never administered any GMO products, antibiotics or growth hormones. Our veal farmers achieve a careful balance between tradition and technology, weighing the calves to determine their nutritional needs and monitoring them carefully to ensure their health and well-being.


    We work with a cooperative of small-scale veal farms in New York State and Canada that are dedicated to humane practices. Their innovative methods produce milk-fed veal that is tender, pale pink, delicate in texture and always delicious.

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