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Uncured Duck Hot Dogs


Uncured Duck Hot Dogs


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    Flavorful Pekin duck meat takes these 100% natural hot dogs to a whole new level of deliciousness. Be sure to serve some at your next backyard barbecue.

    Additional Information

    Our first product was duck, and we love finding new ways to use it. That’s why we made the world’s first duck hot dog.

    Forget about the poor reputation of those other hot dogs made with mystery meat. Ours are made with actual Pekin duck meat and all-natural seasonings. You’ll be able to read and pronounce the entire ingredients list.

    Because we don’t use nitrates or nitrites, the law requires that we identify our dogs as “uncured.” That’s usually a good sign that nothing scary is in them.

    So you can light up the grill and enjoy our all-natural, uncured duck dogs with a clear conscience and a happy palate.

    Just to be silly, we wanted to call them “chien chaud,” the literal French translation for “hot dog.” But we restrained ourselves. Perhaps “hot duck” would make more sense.

    Just the facts

    • 100% natural Pekin duck
    • No antibiotics, no hormones
    • No artificial ingredients
    • No nitrates or nitrites
    • No added preservatives
    • Gluten free
    • Uncured, fully cooked and skinless
    • 6 links per pack
    • Product of USA
    • Use within 3-5 days of receipt

    Nutritional Information

    Our Hot Dogs

    We make hot dogs like everything else in our kitchen: simply and naturally. There’s no need for fillers and junk in authentic cooking, and we are guided by these principles in all our recipes. We use Pekin duck and mix in some seasonings but little else. The result is a hot dog with great taste, real ingredients and no worries.

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