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Gourmet Dinner Ideas

Creating a delicious dinner with D’Artagnan products is easy, and the possibilities are endless. Try a one-pot meal or a composed plate of meat and flavorful sides.

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Gourmet Wings Ideas

There's nothing like tucking into a juicy, savory wing using only your hands and teeth. Chicken, turkey, duck, poussin, quail - we adore them all!

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Cooking with Quail Eggs

Beautiful on the outside and delicious on the inside, these diminutive eggs are perfectly sized for canapés, appetizers and garnishes. But quail eggs have a multitude of tasty uses.

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Cooking for Date Night

Anyone can make a reservation, but cooking for your date will really show that you care. With our tips, you don’t have to be an expert cook to pull off a romantic date night dinner.

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