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Duck fat Download - Our Products – Dartagnan.com

Duck Fat Download

Duck fat = liquid gold. Offering a silky mouth feel and rich flavor, duck fat transforms anything it touches. Shake a tail feather and learn more.

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Game Birds: Quail - Our Products – Dartagnan.com

Game Birds: Quail

Few game birds are as versatile, simple to cook and enjoy as quail. They make every cook, from the novice to the professional, look like a kitchen cha...

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Rabbit: The Basics - Our Products – Dartagnan.com

Rabbit: The Basics

Chefs influenced by the nose-to-tail philosophy and sustainability issues are discovering that rabbit is right in so many ways. Easy to cook, deliciou...

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Bacon Bites - Our Products – Dartagnan.com

Bacon Bites

Let’s face it. Bacon is irresistible. Check out our bacon basics, where we’re serving up the facts on the smoky sweet pork belly we all know and love.

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