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Game Birds: Squab - Our Products – Dartagnan.com

Game Birds: Squab

A squab is a young pigeon that has never flown, and has long been a favorite meal around the world. Unequivocally the first domesticated poultry, it e...

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Foie Gras - Our Products – Dartagnan.com

Foie Gras 101

Get the real skinny on the beloved fatty liver. From a quick culinary history to modern grading and preparations, we cover all the basics.

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ABC's of Buffalo - Our Products – Dartagnan.com

ABC's of Buffalo

What's the difference between buffalo and bison? Is buffalo healthier than other red meats? Learn the answers to these questions and more.

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More on Capon - Our Products – Dartagnan.com

More On Capon

Larger than a chicken, smaller than a turkey, with more flavor than either, a capon is a young rooster with tender meat, traditionally eaten at holida...

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Dip into Demi-Glace - Our Products – Dartagnan.com

Dip Into Demi-Glace

What is the pro-chef’s secret to incredible sauces? It’s demi-glace: silky, rich and painstaking to make. But don’t fret–we’ve done the work for you.

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