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Brining - Cooking Techniques – Dartagnan.com

All About Brining

Brining is becoming more popular for home cooks, and with good reason! Brined meat is wonderfully juicy and full of flavor, all the way to the bone.

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Slow Cooker Cuisine - Cooking Techniques – Dartagnan.com

Slow Cooker Cuisine

A slow cooker is a great tool that helps get a comforting meal on the table with minimal effort. The process is almost entirely inactive, making it pe...

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Tagine Cooking - Cooking Techniques – Dartagnan.com

Tagine Cooking

Find out how to recreate the exotic tastes of Morocco when cooking with the conical clay tagine, which allows vibrant spices to suffuse meats with fla...

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Dry-Curing in Depth - Cooking Techniques – Dartagnan.com

Dry-Curing In Depth

Dry curing is a common technique used in the preparation of sausages, ham and other charcuterie. Here's some helpful info on this age-old process.

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Breading Basics - Cooking Techniques – Dartagnan.com

Breading Basics

A crisp, golden crust is the ideal, but the home cook often struggles with this technique. There are tricks for getting breading just right.

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Sous vide - Cooking Techniques – Dartagnan.com

Sous Vide 101

As sous vide continues its revival with pro chefs, there is no doubt this method will become more accessible to home cooks. Here’s a bit of background...

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Steewing Essentials - Cooking Techniques – Dartagnan.com

Stewing Essentials

Stewing is a great method of one-pot cooking that produces comforting and delicious results. Here are our favorite tips and tricks for success every t...

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