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Marinating Essentials- Cooking Techniques – Dartagnan.com

Marinating Essentials

Good meat can be seasoned simply, allowing the natural flavor to be the star. But it's fun to shake things up with a good marinade. Here are our marin...

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Tagine Cooking - Cooking Techniques – Dartagnan.com

Tagine Cooking

Find out how to recreate the exotic tastes of Morocco when cooking with the conical clay tagine, which allows vibrant spices to suffuse meats with fla...

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Steewing Essentials - Cooking Techniques – Dartagnan.com

Stewing Essentials

Stewing is a great method of one-pot cooking that produces comforting and delicious results. Here are our favorite tips and tricks for success every t...

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Foie Gras - Our Products – Dartagnan.com

Foie Gras 101

Get the real skinny on the beloved fatty liver. From a quick culinary history to modern grading and preparations, we cover all the basics.

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Perk up your Pizza - Everyday Food – Dartagnan.com

Perk Up Your Pizza

Pizza is always a crowd pleaser. Instead of ordering in, make your own. It's great for a fun family dinner or as the basis of a themed party.

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