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Recipe - White Rabbit Lasagna - Rabbit - Dartagnan.com

White Rabbit Lasagna

by D'Artagnan

This recipe is a staff favorite! Hearty, mushroom-flecked rabbit ragout and creamy bechamel are layered then topped with sharp white cheddar. Deliciou...

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Recipe - Braised Rabbit - Rabbit – Dartagnan.com

Braised Rabbit

by Colman Andrews

Colman Andrews' breathtaking cookbook, The Country Cooking of Ireland, includes this recipe for rabbit braised in hard cider with fresh thyme. Andrews...

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Recipe - Rabbit Pot de Provence - Rabbit - Dartagnan.com

Rabbit Pot de Provence

by Ariane Daguin

This richly perfumed rabbit stew combines the flavors of southern France--sweet peppers, fennel, tomatoes and black olives in an aromatic anise-flavor...

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Recipe - Rabbit Cacciatore - Rabbit – Dartagnan.com

Rabbit Cacciatore

by Mark Peel

Mark Peel credits the movie "Bambi" for giving rabbit a bad name in America. He thinks it tastes like chicken, only with more flavor, especially when ...

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Recipe - Rabbit Torino - Rabbit – Dartagnan.com

Rabbit Torino

by Frank Stitt

Frank Stitt's Rabbit Torino is based on a meal he enjoyed at small restaurant in Turin, Italy. His version of that dish includes boned and stuffed rab...

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