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Recipe - Foie Gras Burger - Dartagnan.com

Foie Gras Burger

by Ariane Daguin

Ariane Daguin introduced the foie gras burger at her former New York City restaurant, D’Artagnan the Rotisserie, and it is the real deal: silky sautée...

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Recipe - Foie Gras Butter- Dartagnan.com

Foie Gras Butter

by D'Artagnan

This recipe is adapted from Jennifer McLagan’s excellent cookbook, Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes. Try it spread on ...

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Recipe - Pho Gras - Foie Gras – Dartagnan.com

Pho Gras

by Wylie Dufresne

We consider Wylie Dufresne equal parts chef, scientist and magician; as evident in this recipe for pho gras. Not for the homecook, we posted it just f...

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Recipe - Ultimate Burger –  Beef – Dartagnan.com

Ultimate Burger

by D'Artagnan

Our Ultimate Burger Recipe Kit has all of the D'Artagnan goodies needed to make these mouthwatering, luxurious and satisfying burgers.

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Recipe - Foie Gras Peach Melba - Foie Gras - Dartagnan.com

Foie Gras "Peach Melba"

by D'Artagnan

This simple recipe allows you to “eat dessert first.” It’s a D’Artagnan twist on peach melba, the summery dessert made famous by August Escoffier in 1...

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Recipe - Foie Gras au Torchon - Foie Gras – Dartagnan.com

Foie Gras au Torchon

by Canal House

Christopher Hirscheimer and Melissa Hamilton just released the fifth volume of their beautiful Canal House Cooking series. The most recent cookbook is...

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