Frequently Asked Questions

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Below you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked generic questions about D'Artagnan. In addition, we have separate pages that answer questions related to Online Ordering Questions and Shipping & Delivery Questions. If your question doesn’t appear below, feel free to Contact Us anytime.

Our headquarters/primary warehouse is located in Union, NJ. We also have regional offices/warehouses in Chicago, IL and Houston, TX.

No. While our name is French and our founder, Ariane Daguin, is from France, D’Artagnan is a U.S.-based company.

D’Artagnan proudly services chefs and restaurants, food retailers and home cooks across the nation.

We sell to many food retailers across the nation. While we work to develop a store locator, we encourage you to look for our products when you’re shopping. Alternatively, you can Contact Us and we’ll do our best to try an locate the closest D’Artagnan retailer in your area.

NOTE: Product selections and availability vary by individual supermarket/food retailer.

Yes we do! Please Contact Us to find out more.

No. Currently, we don't have a consumer catalog - as the website serves to identify the products currently available to our home consumers.

This was a membership program offered at designed to offer members additional discounts on select products throughout the year. The program ended in November 2015. Current members can click here for more details.

Yes. The product images used on our site are the actual products we sell. We do our best to select and photograph a product that best represents the item, with the understanding that with raw food, the item you receive may have slight differences in size, shape, composition, color and/or marbling.

Yes. According to the USDA, it is safe to refreeze uncooked foods that have thawed under refrigeration, although there may be a loss of quality due to the moisture lost through thawing. Alternatively, for defrosted products you choose to keep in the refrigerator, we recommend using them in 3-5 days.

Generally, the USDA states freezing keeps food safe almost indefinitely, with quality being affect by the freezer conditions and length of time being frozen. A key component to maintaining quality is ensuring the wrapping/packging of the product is is not permeable to air (i.e vacuum sealed). For optimum taste and tenderness, the USDA recommends storing all frozen foods at 0° F (or lower) to retain vitamin content, color, flavor and texture. If you do not vacuum seal all your frozen food and/or given your home freezer may not be that cold, we recommend you use frozen products within 4 weeks of receipt.