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Dried Mushroom Mix


Dried Mushroom Mix




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    Quintuple the flavor and experience the power of five with this mélange of dried mushrooms.

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    You like mushrooms? We got mushrooms. This mix of five fungi contains porcini, chanterelle, shiitake, yellow bolete and oyster mushrooms.

    It's perfect for any recipe where aromatic, earthy flavors are wanted. To be honest, we consider a cupboard bare if it lacks a jar of dried mushrooms. Don't be caught empty-handed. Stock up.

    Just the facts

    • Wild foraged mushrooms
    • Meaty texture, nutty taste
    • Allergen: Contains mushrooms
    • 2-year shelf life
    • Store in a cool, dry place
    • Product of France

    We follow wild mushrooms around the world and forage for the finest quality in the woods, fields and mountains where they grow. While they are available, we sell most of them fresh, but also preserve some of nature’s bounty. Dried naturally and carefully packed in France, our mushrooms offer the flavor of the forest year-round.

    We think that a pantry is not complete without a few jars of dried mushrooms, ready for when inspiration strikes.

    Reconstitute these mushrooms like you would any other, soaked in enough warm water to cover, until they rehydrate and plump.

    Save the flavorful liquid to use in soups or sauces, or stews. It’s always handy to have dried mushrooms in the cupboard when fresh are not available (or when inspiration strikes).

    Our Dried Mushrooms

    Preserved mushrooms extend the limited seasonality of our favorite wild mushrooms. Plucked at the height of freshness and naturally air-dried without the addition of chemicals, our dried mushrooms offer big flavor in small packages. They are the next best thing to fresh, and a must-have in every pantry.

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