Our hearty braising recipes will fill the belly and warm the soul, from meaty short ribs to classic coq au vin.

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Recipe - Veal Osso Buco –  Veal –

Veal Osso Buco

by Alexander Bernard

Chef Alexander Bernard's luscious osso buco is full-flavored and fork-tender. Try it with Yukon gold truffle butter mashed potatoes.

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Blanquette de Veau White Veal Stew Recipe | D’Artagnan

Blanquette de Veau

by D'Artagnan

A French family favorite, blanquette de veau is a velvety white veal stew with vegetables and mushrooms. Unlike other stews, this dish forgoes the bro...

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Poussins Braised in White Wine with Mushrooms Recipe | D’Artagnan

Poussins au Riesling

by D'Artagnan

Much like its cousin, Coq au Vin, this dish of braised baby chicken with white wine, mushrooms, and bacon is supremely comforting. Serve with mashed Y...

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