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Terrine of Duck Foie Gras


Terrine of Duck Foie Gras




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    Brace yourself for the rich, true taste of foie gras. The purist version, our terrine is prepared in the French tradition: lightly seasoned, perfectly cooked and incredibly easy to serve.

    Additional Information

    Named for the vessel in which it is cooked, the terrine of foie gras is a classic in French cuisine. To make it, a whole raw lobe of foie gras is tucked into a terrine and essentially steamed in its own juices at a low temperature.

    The result is an incredibly creamy, delicate bloc of foie gras, with a firm texture that can be easily sliced.

    Our simple recipe includes salt, pepper, sugar and nothing else. With so few ingredients, there is nothing to distract from the rich, buttery taste of pure foie gras.

    California customers -- Please note that, as of January 7, 2015, the California ban on foie gras has been overturned. The sale of foie gras within the state of California is now legal.

    Just the facts

    • 100% foie gras from Moulard ducks
    • No antibiotics, no hormones
    • No additives or preservatives
    • Gluten free
    • Ships ready to serve and enjoy
    • Terrine container is BPA free
    • Product of Canada
    • Use within 3-5 days of receipt / see expiration date on package

    Our Canadian foie gras farm raises Moulard ducks the French way on a 100% corn diet to produce a distinctively sweet foie gras. No hormones or antibiotics are ever used, and the farm follows strict protocols for stress-free animal husbandry.

    This foie gras terrine makes a great appetizer when served on brioche or toast points with a sweet-tart jam or jelly such as prune, fig or apricot compote. Ariane recommends dipping a knife into hot water before slicing to get the cleanest cut.

    A sweet wine such as Sauternes makes a natural and elegant pairing. Try this terrine as an ingredient in your favorite recipes that call for foie gras, whether a stuffing or salad. A balsamic vinegar and port reduction makes a perfect drizzle on a slice of this delectable foie gras terrine. Sprinkle a few grains of coarse fleur de sel to brighten all the flavors.

    whole duck foie gras, salt, white pepper, sugar

    Our Foie Gras

    Foie gras (fwah grah) is the fattened liver of a waterfowl (duck or goose), a natural phenomenon encouraged by a special hand-feeding process. D’Artagnan introduced domestically-farmed foie gras to the United States in 1985, and has been supplying the finest restaurants, stores and home cooks with a range of foie gras products ever since. Our prepared foie gras products are made according to traditional recipes, with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

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