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Grills Gone Wild


Grills Gone Wild




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    Game lovers rejoice! Here’s a sampler with a pleasing selection of some of our favorite game meats. With buffalo, venison, duck and wild boar, there’s something here for everyone.

    Additional Information

    This collection takes a walk on the wild side with venison, buffalo, wild boar and of course, duck.

    Lean, tender and richly-flavored venison rib chops are the ultimate meat for the open fire, as are the venison and cherry sausages.

    You’ll go hog wild for our wild boar sausage—it’s got a more intense flavor than pork and a hint of sage.

    Our buffalo medallions are gorgeous, thick chunks of lean bison meat with a sweeter-than-beef flavor.

    And what would a D’Artagnan grill collection be without duck? We’ve got enough Pekin duck breast to feed a hungry mob in this sampler pack.

    We recommend enjoying this game meat collection cooked on the grill, but if you don’t have a grill, never fear. A cast iron pan puts a mean sear on meat, too, and each of the selections is perfectly-suited to stove-top cooking.

    Note: Please see individual product pages for nutrition, allergens, and more detailed information.

    In the event that any of the products listed above is not available at the time of shipment, D'Artagnan reserves the right to make an appropriate substitution for an item of similar value.

    Just the facts

    • 1 Venison Rib Chops (4 chops, 14 oz.)
    • 1 Wild Boar Sausage (4 links, 8.5 oz.)
    • 1 Venison and Cherry Sausage (4 links, 8.5 oz.)
    • 1 Pekin Duck Breast (2 breasts, 2.25 lbs)
    • 1 Buffalo Medallions (2 medallions, 10 oz.)
    • Provides up to 20 portions
    • Use within 3-5 days of receipt
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