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Dried Wild Mushroom Collection


Dried Wild Mushroom Collection




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    When you can’t decide which to try, this collection of all our dried mushrooms is the solution. You’ll love having the entire range to play with in the kitchen.

    Additional Information

    Here's a great buy that offers the best of the year's mushroom bounty—dried and easy to store. Our wild mushrooms are collected by foragers, as they have been throughout time. They are carefully sourced, naturally dried without any additives or chemicals and hand packed.

    You will receive one 1-ounce jar each of dried chanterelles, morels, porcinis, black trumpets, mushroom mix and a 5.6-ounce jar of porcini powder. You'll find a use for each of these mushrooms, and grow to depend on the magic umami flavor that porcini powder brings to everything it touches.

    This collection also makes a thoughtful and delicious gift for your food-obsessed friends and relations.

    Just the facts

    • Wild, foraged mushrooms
    • Meaty texture, nutty taste
    • Allergens: Contains mushrooms
    • Gluten-free
    • 2-year shelf life
    • Store in a cool, dry place
    • Product of France

    We follow wild mushrooms around the world and forage for the finest quality in the woods, fields and mountains where they grow. While they are available, we sell most of them fresh, but also preserve some of nature’s bounty. Dried naturally and carefully packed in France, our mushrooms offer the flavor of the forest year-round.

    We think that a pantry is not complete without a few jars of dried mushrooms, ready for when inspiration strikes.

    Reconstitute the mushrooms in a little bit of warm water until they rehydrate then use them as you would a fresh mushroom—finely chopped in duxelles or mixed with fresh herbs and rolled in a pork roast. Enrich beef, pork or lamb stew with a handful of the mushrooms, or add depth to pasta sauce by using the mushrooms and their soaking liquid.

    Our Dried Mushrooms

    Preserved mushrooms extend the limited seasonality of our favorite wild mushrooms. Plucked at the height of freshness and naturally air-dried without the addition of chemicals, our dried mushrooms offer big flavor in small packages. They are the next best thing to fresh, and a must-have in every pantry.

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